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Updated 18/03/2018

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Cranleigh 15/21 - 25th March 2018. Online entries are open until 5pm on Monday 19th March through the SiEntries website.

Provisional results are usually published within 24 hours of an event; these are then verified or updated with any alterations after 1 week. It is up to every runner to check on the accuracy of the published results within that 1st week and report any discrepancies to the Results Secretary. Do not expect any changes to be accepted once the final results have been published.

Entries for the Surrey Slog on 22nd July are now open. Click Entry form to download an entry form, or through Full On Sport.

RPAC have issued the following statement today, 1st March:

We have left making the decision about whether it’s feasible to stage or cancel the race planned for Sunday for as long as practicable but an inspection of the course today confirms that the Risk Assessment we carried out on 21st Jan and revalidated on 18th Feb has been compromised for the following reasons:

  1. dramatic change of weather conditions. Prevailing conditions carry a Yellow Weather Warning up to and including Sat 3rd March, the eve of the race. The current BBC forecast for Sunday is “sleet and breezy” with a 41% chance of precipitation and a temperature range of 4 - 5 degrees
  2. deterioration of course conditions affecting welfare of runners. Inspection of the course today reveal large parts of it under snow and ice which will not necessarily thaw in time. Frozen ground would prevent us from erecting course signage (identified as necessary on the RA) and unacceptably increases the risk of injury to anyone falling through sliding or contact with sledgers making incursions on the course. We do have a responsibility too towards other park users legitimately making use of this public space.
  3. welfare of helpers. Understandably we could not now guarantee a full complement of helpers (identified as necessary on the RA), some of whom would come in from outlying areas. It is not reasonable for Marshals etc to risk hypothermia remaining static for up to 1 hour or so in low temperatures.
Naturally we are very disappointed but the change of circumstances make this course of action inevitable. Is there any space on the 2018 fixture calendar to rearrange this race, please? If you are able to nominate any dates we’ll do our very best to accommodate one of them.


Dates for your Diary

Sun, 25 Mar, 9:00am
Cranleigh 15/21
Cranleigh directions

Sun, 8 APR (tbc), 11am
Winterfold Forest
Winterfold Forest directions

Sun, 20 May, 11am
Farnham Park
Farnham Park directions

Sun, 10 Jun, 11am
Holmwood (TBC)
Holmwood directions


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