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Picture gallery 3

Fifty pictures of the Windsor (Blacknest Gate) race, 7 January 2001, taken before, during and after the race by John Wells and Micheline Poirier. It was a lovely sunny winter's day. Can you help identify any of the as yet unidentified people in the pictures? If so, please e-mail John Wells. (The same if you detect any wrong identifications.)

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Frank Beck (GFG)

unidentified arsenal

Graham Ball and Richard Bell (WW)

Mike Banfi (WW)

Mike Mardle (LDWA)

Mike Daniels (WW)

Neil Mitchell and Jim Barrett (RR)

Don Elson (WW)

Doreen Offredi, and behind her Monica Noble, Don Elson, Joyce Smith (WW)

unidentified fatherson

Dave Ford, Ray Cook, Mike Wheeler (WW)

unidentified girls

Liz and Guy Phelps (WW)

unidentified jog

Joyce Smith (WW)

K. and Micheline Poirier (CTHR)

unidentified number

Ray Jolly (GFG)

Alan Woodward (FP)

Ray Mears (RR) and Betty Janjua (MAGIC)

Ken Saunders (MAGIC)

unidentified shadows

Dave Huck (FP)

unidentified youngmen

Tony Tugwell

unidentified trio

Dave Truepenny (RR)

Hazel Vine (CTHR) and unidentified

unidentified twogirls

unidentified stragglers

They're off! The start

At the start (ii)

At the start (iii)

At the start (iv)

Graham Dench (FP)

A. Pye (MAGIC)

K. Poirier (CTHR)

G. Tomkins (CTHR)

R. Lazell (RR) chased by P. Hopkins (CTHR) and S. Brown (RR)

S. Wells (RR) chased by Tony Hopkins (MAGIC)

John Wells (WW) being outrun by Jim Barrett (RR)

Sue Evered (RR)

unidentified finish

Roger Parker (RR)

Roger Moulding (RR)

unidentified (FP)

a battle at the line between Ali Kooz (FP) and Alan Woodward (FP)

John O'Hara (GFG)

Tina Eckart (WW)

William Cosh and Mike Pidgeon (WW)

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