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Pictures of the Holmbury Hill Half Marathon (Surrey Slog), 24 July 2000, taken by Terry Oakes

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Tony Tugwell giving out running numbers

Posing before the start: Greta Goodall

And they're off!

The winner, David Sweeney, 1:24:13

In second place: Dominic Pratt, 1:26:39

In third place: Jamie Parsons, 1:27:35

Fourth: Paul Whitcombe (RR), first MABAC club member home

Fifth: Robert Brown

Sixth: Dave Truepenny, RR

Robert Batchelor, BVR

Anthony Casey, RR

Graham Taylor, DMV

Patricia Martin, first woman home, 1:40:55

Barbara Whitford, RR

Guy Phelps, WW

Andrew Walser, Tyr Banner

Tracy McCaughan, WW

Your webmaster, John Wells (WW)

Line-up: Timekeepers Tony Tugwell and Jenny Bell; Emily (3) and Rachel (5) Whitford, medal assistants; Ray Jolly, GFG; the digital clock

All over now: a group of Windmilers (Ross Rebbeck, Don Elson, Gwen McCullock, Phil Barrett)

Placed on the web by John Wells 2000 07 24

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