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Pictures taken at the Holmwood event, 11 June 2000, by John Wells and David Evans.

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Dave Truepenny, RR, led the race

Graham Ball, WW, came second

Jo Oxenham, WW, was placed third

N. Hodges, DMV

Stefan Skwara, WW

Jane Harbert, RR

Colin Harris, WW

Dave Ford, WW

John O'Hara, GFG

Roger Perker, RR

June Barrett and other RR members

Jane Harbert, RR

Ali Kooz, FP

Sue Connolly, WW

Sue Connolly, WW

G. Coverley, DMV

Geoff Norkett, BVR

Chris Stone, BVR

Don Elson, WW, and Jill Stone, BVR

Ray Jolly, GFG

Jean Mears and Barbara Whitford, RR

John Barron, DMV

Margaret Ackers, BVR

Lesley Taylor, DMV, by the start/finish

Colin Harris and Don Elson, WW, and someone's dog

Monica Noble and Colin Harris, WW

Jenny Bell, MABAC timekeeper

Wendy and David Raeside, FP

MAGIC joggers Laura Richardson, Kara Boyle, Robert Luffrum

S. Eastmond, MAGIC

G. Clench, MAGIC

Ralph Henley, MAGIC

To correct wrong identifications, or to supply missing names, please e-mail me. There are further pictures from this event, though of Windmilers only, on the Windmilers site.

Placed on the web by John Wells 2000 06 12-13

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