MABAC Running League

Richmond Park 2008

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Pictures taken by Beverley from the bottom of Queen's Ride in Richmond Park

during the Ranelagh Harriers hosted MABAC race on 2nd March 2008

Here they come!

Mike Daniels(WW)
leads the pack

J Whitworth(WW) leads
C Simpson(DMV) and
P Drummond(EO)

P Stafford(WW)

N Mitchell(RR) followed by
G Swabey(MAGIC) and
P Dennis(PP)

P Jegat(WW) leads
W Winter(WW)and
R Allen-Shelless(DMV)

MABAC WebMaster
R Rebbeck(WW) then
R Pratt(WW)

MABAC co-founder
Ralph Henley(MAGIC)

J Barratt(RR)

D Donkin(EO)

S Drake(RR) then
J Wells(WW) & J O'Hara(GFG)

MABAC Chairman
Doug Sudbury(GFG)

H Vine(CTHR)

T Beauchamp(BVR)

Julia Burrows(RR) then
J Beauchamp(BVR) &
J Bell(WW) followed by
S Bell(WW)

M Daniels(WW) then
W Smith(LDWA)

B Mulvanay(MAGIC)

F Le Lann(WW) then
J Harris(PP)

T McIntyre(EO)

P Drummond(EO) ahead of J Durrant(RR)

C Timmis(WW) then
P Chadwick(WW)

P Stafford(WW) ahead of
??(BVR) & N Burchnall(BVR) then R Turner(EO)

J Whitworth(WW) disappears ahead of J Petterson(LDWA) & S Bryer(CTHR)

J Querstret(RR) then
J Lovatt(BVR) &
C Simmons(EO)

J Tarrant(MAGIC) well ahead of P McGuinness(CTHR)

A Davidson(RH) leads
K Westwood(WW) then
A O'Mahoney(CTHR) L Nicholson(WW)
R Rendell(EO) et al

??(WW) then M Goodwin(EO)
& P Warren(RH)

M Glackin(RH) then
R Pratt(WW) & K Lines(WW)

C Bishop(RH) then R Cook(WW)

There they go!

Updated 22/03/08